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A Firewall is an important network security device that helps to create an extra layer of security by granting and rejecting network access to traffic flow between trusted and non-trusted networks. Palo Alto Firewall is best for the same as it successfully prevents cyber attacks. If you want to invest in the same and searching for one of the best Palo Alto Firewall Suppliers in Delhi, Sanso Networks is the name to consider.

Pros Of Our Palo Alto Firewall:

  • Monitor and control the applications that can function on wireless networks
  • Helps to keep device clean of malware and other similar risks
  • Ensure that the device is safe to use

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Palo Alto Firewalls

Product Offerings

Browse Palo Alto’s innovative next-generation firewalls that ensure better safety and security of your network from malicious attack.

Application Framework

Reinventing the way enterprises used to access, evaluate and adapt the new generation security technologies.

Cloud & SaaS Security

The best solution that can keep your data, application and cloud infrastructure protected against cyber attacks.

Endpoint Protection (Traps)

Threat intelligence system with automated reprogramming option that blocks down known and unknown threats to system or application.


Offer full-fledged web-based support with step-by-step instructions that help you on how to configure and maintain multiple firewalls.

Next-Generation Firewalls

Innovative and advanced new generation architecture with flexible deployment options offering precise control, automated security and complete visibility.

Remote Network & Mobile Security

Next-generation security platform is known for providing consistent security policies to mobile networks and remote users to maintain better operations.